Safeguarding Brownfield Clean-up

A prominent Australian company was presented with the task of remediating a large, brownfield site, a challenging project that required careful planning and coordination. The site, once a hub for heavy industry, was now a plot of land contaminated with hazardous substances. To ensure the safe and effective clean-up of the site, the construction company needed an encapsulated, secure area to manage the operation and safeguard their workforce.


Your primary challenge was the urgency of setting up and dismantling an industrial-strength shelter, which was critical to the timely completion of the remediation work. Your shelter needed to be robust enough to withstand severe weather conditions while also meeting all the safety requirements for handling hazardous materials. Furthermore, being a large operation, budgeting was of significant importance, with your company preferring to categorise the shelter’s cost as an operating expense (OPEX) rather than a capital expenditure (CAPEX).


Rapid Rentals, leveraging its partnership with Allshelter, Australia’s leading industrial shelter manufacturer, swiftly rose to the occasion. They deployed an advanced, modular shelter capable of providing the safe, encapsulated environment necessary for your construction company’s remediation work.

The installation and removal process was quick, minimising downtime and ensuring the project remained on schedule. Plus, with fixed monthly repayments over a set term, the your company could easily manage their budget and treat the cost as an OPEX.

Rapid Rentals also provided a team of expert shelter technicians who tailored the modular solution to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety during the clean-up operation.


Rapid Rentals’ swift action, coupled with their sturdy, flexible shelter solutions, proved to be a boon for your company’s brownfield clean-up operation. Your project was executed on time and within budget, without any interruptions or delays attributed to shelter-related issues.

The robust structure provided a safe working environment for the your employees throughout the remediation process. Moreover, the presence of expert technicians and the adaptability of the modular solution ensured a smooth, problem-free operation.

Client Perspective

“The team at Rapid Rentals made what initially seemed a massive hurdle a breeze. The speedy setup and removal of the shelter, coupled with its industrial strength, ensured we could focus on our clean-up operation without worrying about downtime or safety. And to top it all off, their flexible payment options made it easy for us to manage our budget. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their services, and we recommend Rapid Rentals to anyone in need of efficient, reliable, and cost-effective shelter solutions.”

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