Just-In-Time Warehousing: Rapid Rentals Assists Air Conditioning Retailer

Rapid Rentals, a leading provider of temporary structures, came to the rescue of a Western Sydney-based air conditioning retailer facing a space crisis due to unexpected peak season stock.


You grappled with an unusual influx of stock arrivals in a single month, leading to a critical shortage of warehouse space. Your challenge was further complicated by specific requirements for the storage of sensitive electronic goods.

Solution & Implementation

Rapid Rentals visited your site on the same day you reported the crisis and identified the exact shelter needs for your incoming stock. Adapting their solution to fit the unusual shape of your existing warehouse, Rapid Rentals created a tightly fitted, weatherproof extension within just three days—right in time for your stock to clear customs.

Results & Conclusion

The temporary storage solution effectively accommodated your seasonal stock, allowing you to navigate the peak summer season without issue. Once the stock was sold, Rapid Rentals removed the structure in under six hours. This case highlights Rapid Rentals’ ability to provide you with high-quality, flexible, and timely solutions for your commercial storage needs.

Client Perspective

“We hadn’t initially considered a temporary solution, but when in a squeeze, we found Rapid Rentals. Their service is a world apart from standard event and party marquees. This high-quality solution met our demanding insurance and product requirements.” – Factory Manager, Air Conditioning Retailer

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