Fast and Flexible Solution for Pandemic Testing

Rapid Rentals, a premier pop-up structures provider, was enlisted by an Emergency Services organisation for a high-quality, fast-deployment testing facility during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Facing the unpredictable pandemic, you required a quick-to-set-up, high-quality, and adaptable testing facility capable of managing high volumes of public health use.

Solution & Implementation

Rapid Rentals provided you with a comprehensive, rental-based solution: a set of interconnected temporary structures designed for an efficient workflow. The solution bypassed the need for capital proposals, enabling quick execution from your operating expenses. Rapid Rentals ensured a swift set-up, meeting your space constraints and evolving needs.


The deployment was successful for you, earning praise for its speed, flexibility, and quality. Once your requirement ended, Rapid Rentals dismantled and transported the structures within a day, reinstating the original condition of the location. This case underlines the importance of quick, adaptable solutions in a public health crisis for organiaations like yours.

Client Perspective

“We needed a space rental partner that was all about speed and flexibility during these unpredictable times.” – Representative from Emergency Services organisation

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