Addressing a Surge in Train Maintenance Needs

A prominent transport provider operating on a national level recently experienced an unprecedented surge in train traffic in one of their key service areas. The increase was due to a temporary regional economic boom, driven by a new mining operation, thus causing a rise in both passenger and cargo train services.

While the increased traffic represented a positive economic indicator for the transport provider, it also put additional strain on their maintenance resources, particularly their existing shed space for train maintenance, repair, and inspection.


The sudden influx of train traffic created an immediate need for expanded maintenance shed space for you. However, constructing a permanent structure was not only cost-prohibitive but also unnecessary, as the increase in train traffic was projected to last for only a couple of years.

Additionally, building a permanent structure would take months to complete, causing significant disruptions in your routine maintenance schedules and potentially impacting your service delivery.

Your challenge, therefore, was to find a flexible, cost-effective solution that could be implemented quickly without disrupting your daily operations.


Rapid Rentals, a renowned provider of industrial-grade, modular shelters, offered you the ideal solution. Their approach involved the swift deployment of a sizable, industrial-strength maintenance shelter that provided the necessary durability and space for your expanded operations.

Thanks to Rapid Rentals’ speed of setup and removal, the solution was implemented swiftly, minimising downtime and any potential disruption to your maintenance schedule.

Moreover, the Rapid Rentals team of expert shelter technicians worked closely with you to tailor the modular solution to your specific needs, ensuring an optimised layout for your maintenance operations.

Their easy budgeting model, featuring fixed monthly repayments over a set term, allowed you to plan and manage the new expenditure seamlessly. This enabled you to cater to your increasing equipment needs without straining your capital budgets.


The solution provided by Rapid Rentals was a resounding success for you. The swift deployment of the modular shelter enabled you to accommodate the increased train maintenance demand seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery during the surge in train traffic.

The durable, industrial-grade shelter stood up to the rigorous demands of your daily maintenance activities, validating the high quality and strength promised by Rapid Rentals.

In addition, the easy budgeting and quick setup facilitated by Rapid Rentals allowed you to sidestep the prohibitive cost and lengthy construction time associated with a permanent structure, saving you significant time and financial resources.

Client Perspective

“The team at Rapid Rentals didn’t just provide a shelter; they delivered a comprehensive solution that ticked every box on our list of needs. Their swift deployment, coupled with their robust, industrial-grade shelters, ensured that our operations were not disrupted, even with the increased demand. They have proven to be not only efficient but also cost-effective and flexible. Rapid Rentals’ unique approach to handling our challenge affirmed their industry expertise and exceeded our expectations in every way.”

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